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Iwata Anest LS-400 Entech ETS HVLP Master Kit by Pininfarina+Manometer

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Anest Iwata LS-400 Entech ETS HVLP Master Kit Designed by Pininfarina Professional Spray Gun for Base, High Transfer Efficiency, with HVLP technology and high finishing performance with Anest Iwata AFV-1 Pressure Gauge in Plastic Case. < / p>

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Anest Iwata LS-400 Entech ETS HVLP Master Kit Designed by Pininfarina with cup PC-G600P-2 600ml Professional Spray Gun for Base - Model LS-400-ETS13

Plastic Case Pack

LS-400 Entech ETS HVLP Master Kit Designed By Pininfarina

Initially developed as an alternative to the Evotech® High Transfer Efficiency model, for use in countries where HVLP technology is mandatory, the new Entech® LS400 carries the values of the Supernova series (wide and homogeneous range, design and ergonomics) and is characterized by high finishing performance even in extreme climatic and atmospheric conditions (hot-dry / hot humid climate). Thanks to total control of the size and diffusion of atomized particles, Entech® represents an absolute reference point in the application of opaque bases and in compliance with environmental issues.

  • High performance even in extreme weather and atmospheric conditions
  • Excellent surface finish thanks to Split Nozzle technology
  • Ultra fine atomization
  • Excellent handling ideal for shades
  • High transfer efficiency and minimum waste of material
  • Uniform narrow fan
  • Uniform nebulization
  • Compliant with VOC parameters with transfer efficiency over 65%
  • Very low noise level in line with ANEST IWATA standards
  • Light and ergonomic gun body
  • Easily accessible adjustments even for left-handed operators
  • Extremely easy to clean and maintain
  • Pressure gauge from 0 to 6 bar, chrome body easy to clean

Pre-atomization technology

The innovative fin-type nozzle allows immediate atomization of the material at the point where the paint exits. The result is an extremely homogeneous and finely atomized range with a considerable saving of material. Thanks to Split Nozzle Technology, you will get a thin and uniform fan.

Contents Cardboard box:

  • n. 1 piece LS-400 Entech spray gun
  • n. 1 piece Cup PC-G600P-2 600 ml
  • n. 1 piece Cleaning kit
  • n. 1 piece Universal key
  • n. 1 piece AFV-2 air regulator
  • n. 1 piece Plastic Case
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