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Ani F160/S H2 TMD1 CLEAR Professional Spray Gun In Suitcase
  • Ani F160/S H2 TMD1 CLEAR Professional Spray Gun In Suitcase

Ani F160/S H2 TMD1 CLEAR Professional Spray Gun In Suitcase

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H2 Professional Hot Air Spray Gun: HIGH PREMIUM QUALITY

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Ani F160/S H2 TMD1 CLEAR

Application type: 2K CLEAR COAT

The F160/S H2 TMD1 model, in the professional range, is obtained from a die-cast aluminum body, mechanically processed with high precision. Bring the nozzle with HPS technology but with a fan of 35 cm opening.
The new H2 system for heating compressed air allows you to work without the problems that the use of cold air can entail.
The H2 system gun is easy to use, just connect it to the air system and, shortly thereafter, the operator can already start his work, taking advantage of all the advantages that hot air entails.
The use of hot air, in fact, considerably improves the quality of the painting: the application time is reduced, less material is used obtaining savings of up to 20%, drying times are reduced, the mirror effect increases and there is no is the risk of the orange peel result.
Built with quality materials, the H2 system is able to heat the outlet air up to 40 ° C [104 ° F] and the paint to 25 ° C [77 ° F], the operator can control the temperature by the regulator at the base of the hot air device. It has no electric heating component, in fact it is a completely pneumatic system, nevertheless it is ready for work in a very short time.
This technology results in excellent powdering of the paint, with a perfect fan shape obtaining an extraordinary application.
Supplied with TMD1 digital thermomanometer which reads the working pressure directly on the dial.
The TMD1 is a digital pressure gauge which in addition to indicating the air pressure actually used by the airbrush also measures the temperature of the hot air system H2. After adjusting the air, you can continue reading the working pressure on the TMD1 display (precision +/- 0.1) or you can remove the pressure gauge from the gun. The pressure at the gun head is set directly on the regulator of the gun itself and can be read immediately on the dial of the pressure gauge. This system facilitates the work of the user and thus avoids incorrect adjustments and painting errors.

General characteristics
  • 600 cc nylon upper cup with 3/8 "thread and FV / S-5000 paint filter
  • TMD1 Digital thermomanometer with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 bar and 1 ° C
  • The pressure gauge is powered by a 3Volt CR-1632 battery
  • Handle with thermal insulation
  • Micrometric regulators of the fan-shaped jet and the quantity of paint
  • Pressure and air flow regulator
  • High atomization spraying cap (HPS system)
  • Nozzle and needle in stainless steel
  • Internal and external chemical nickel treatment
  • This version is for 2K CLEAR COAT [CLEAR]
  • During painting, if the gun is already set, the TMD1 pressure gauge can be removed
Weights and dimensions
  • Net weight without cup and without pressure gauge: 0.440 kg [1.45 lb]
  • Net weight with 600 cc nylon cup and without pressure gauge: 0.780 kg [1,719 lb]
  • TMD1 digital pressure gauge weight: 65 g [0.14 lb]
  • Airbrush dimensions without cup: 170 x 240 x 50 mm [6.69 x 9.49 x 1.97 inch]
  • Airbrush dimensions with cup: 380 x 160 x 100 mm [14.96 x 6.3 x 3.93 inch]
  • MAXIMUM WORKING PRESSURE: 7 bar [101.5 psi]

Technical data with HPS system:

  • Hot Air Operation
  • Heating time 120 sec
  • Max. Temperature air 40 ° C [104 ° F]
  • Max. Temperature paint 25 ° C [77 ° F]
  • Calcium regulated working pressure 5.5 bar [79.75 psi]
  • Working pressure regulated by the digital pressure gauge TMD1 1.4 bar [20.3 psi]
  • Air consumption 440 l / min [15.55 cfm]
  • High air volume operation
  • Calcium regulated working pressure 2.5 bar [36.25 psi]
  • Working pressure regulated by the digital pressure gauge TMD1 1.8 bar 26.1 psi]
  • Air consumption: 220 l / min [7.77 cfm]
Box contents:
n. 1 piece spray gun ANI F160 / S H2 TMD1 CLEAR
n. 1 piece 600cc nylon tank
n. 1 piece TMD1 digital pressure gauge
n. 1 piece Cleaning kit
n. 1 piece Spare parts kit
n. 1 piece Universal key
n. 1 piece Nylon case

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