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Ani R150 HPS Click Mini Airbrush With Digital Manometer in Briefcase
  • Ani R150 HPS Click Mini Airbrush With Digital Manometer in Briefcase

Ani R150 HPS Click Mini Airbrush With Digital Manometer in Briefcase

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Mini Airbrush Spray Gun For Professional Painting Ani R150 Hps Click With Digital Thermomanometer CLICKSTEP - In Nylon Case
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The R150 mini airbrush is ideal for bodywork touch-ups and design jobs. The ergonomic handle and balance make it particularly handy. The careful studies carried out on the internal air passages and on the holes of the pulverizing cap have allowed to contain the air consumption while offering a very high atomization of the last generation paint products.
Small and light, ergonomically designed for painting jobs even in less accessible areas, for touch-ups or small painting. The painting system (head - nozzle - pin) is 100% manually registered so as to always obtain a constant fan height. The materials used for nozzle and needle are in stainless steel, while the head is made from a drawn piece of brass.
The nylon case contains the complete R150 mini airbrush and the CLICKSTEP digital thermomanometer.

The CLICKSTEP is a digital pressure gauge that indicates the air pressure actually used by the airbrush. After adjusting the air, you can continue to read the working pressure on the CLICKSTEP display (precision +/- 0.1) or you can remove the pressure gauge from the gun. The pressure at the gun head is set directly on the gun regulator itself and can be read immediately on the gauge dial. This system facilitates the work of the user and thus avoids wrong adjustments and painting errors.
  • 250 cc upper cup in nylon
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Weight with cup 393 gr.
  • 2.5 bar pressure with Ani RP/1 pressure gauge
  • 1,8 bar pressure with digital pressure gauge CLICKSTEP
  •  working air consumption 260 l/m
Contained in the box:
  • n. 1 piece manual gun Ani R150 Hps Click
  • n. 1 piece 250 cc cup in nylon
  • n. 1 piece Digital Thermomanometer CLICKSTEP
  • n. 1 piece cleaning kit
  • n.1 piece spare kit
  • n.1 piece universalen key
  • n. 1 piece Nylon suitcase
  • n.1 spare parts kit BH148370
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