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Ani Mini SPIN WASH Paint Guns Washer
  • Ani Mini SPIN WASH Paint Guns Washer

Ani Mini SPIN WASH Paint Guns Washer

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Mini SPIN WASH is a paint spray gun washer, which can clean various kind of spray guns

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Ani Mini SPIN WASH Paint Guns Washer

Mini SPIN WASH is a paint spray gun washer, entirely produced in stainless steel, which can clean variuos kind of spray guns:
  • Gun with disposable cups
  • Gun with gravity feed cups
Mini SPIN WASH is ideal for all kind of paints as it is equipped with two separate cleaning stations: one for water-based paints and the other for solvents. The machine features a pair of swivelling brushes and an innovative Venturi system, which nebulizes solvents or water at low pressure (max 5 bar). These technologies make the machine very efficient and ensure an operation using a small amount of cleaning agent. Paint waste can be recycled in special water/solvent recycling containers placed at the bottom of the washing machine.
The entire washing and brush rotation system is pneumatic, the maschine has no eletrical components. There are no pumps or similar systems, therefore the machine is easy to clean and needs very little maintenance. For the regulation of the operating pressure, the machine features a bulit-in pressure reducer.
Thanks to the compact dimensions, the Mini SPIN WASH can be easily placed in the spray booth and the holes in the structure can be used for wall mounting. The machine is equipped with a 80 mm exhaust funnel which has to be properly connected to the exhaust system of the spray booth.
  • FIELDS OF APPLICATION: Spray gun washing
  •  POWER SUPPLY: Compressed air
  •  SUPPLY PRESSURE: 8 bar (116 psi)
  •  MAX OPERATING PRESSURE: 5 bar (51 psi)
  •  TANK CAPACITY: 2 litres (122 inch3 )
  •  OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -20°C (253°K), +60°C (333°K)
  • Quick washing system for paint spray guns with exhaust funnel
  •  Ideal for both water-based paints and solvents
  •  No. 2 2-litre tanks (122 inch3 )
    • Tank for the clean detergent
    • Tank for the recovery of the dirty detergent
  •  Dimensions (height x width x depth): 805 x 200 x 310 mm
  • Weight 8.5 Kg
Supply contents:
  • n. 1 piece Mini SPIN WASH wash station
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