Hi, are you a UK customer? Read here... Like you can buy if you reside in the UK.

Like you can buy if you reside in the UK.

All customers of www.prpshop.it who reside in the United Kingdom can make purchases on our commercial site. On our commercial site www.prpshop.it we accept all orders over 135 Pounds, 156.70 Euros. You can freely buy our products above the threshold of 156.70 Euro up to form a cart above 156.70 euros. All prices displayed on our commercial site www.prpshop.it are exempt from Italian VAT. UK customers buy products without VAT and will pay the UK product taxUK customers must register on our commercial site www.prpshop.it in order to see the prices of products without Italian VAT.

UK customers cannot buy on our commercial site www.prpshop.it for amounts less than 135 Pounds, 156.70 euros. We can refer UK Customers to our eBay store eBay if they wish buy products for total amounts of less than 135 Pounds, 156.70 Euros.

We want to thank all of our many customers, and friends, in the UK for their cooperation and friendship they demonstrate every day. Thank you! www.prpshop.it