We will send you the goods where you prefer within 1/2 business days
P.R.P. by Nesca M.Lucia & C. S.A.S. offers for all orders placed the shipment within 1/2 business days (24/48 hours) from receipt of payment.

P.R.P. by Nesca M.Lucia & C. S.A.S. can only guarantee the Shipping Terms, while the Delivery Terms are subject to the courier's policies, the geographical characteristics of the shipping address and other normal or extraordinary conditions on which P.R.P. by Nesca M.Lucia & C. S.A.S. has no chance of making a decision.

General shipping terms (transport and delivery)
P.R.P. by Nesca M.Lucia & C. S.A.S. guarantees the shipment of the purchased items within 1/2 business days (24/48 hours) from the order in the case of payment by PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer.
All shipments of P.R.P. products by Nesca M.Lucia & C. S.A.S. are entrusted to the licensee companies declared on the site at the time of the order and will be carried out under these
General Conditions of Sale.

1) Method of delivery
2) Fragile goods
3) Stocks
4) Delayed delivery of the goods

1. Method of delivery
Deliveries are understood to be made on the ground floor, the recipient's house number, accessible to normal means of transport. Deliveries to premises higher than the ground floor or at any point other than the usual ones, are considered as ancillary and additional services to the normal transport contract and as such will be agreed and taxed according to agreements between the parties and in consideration of the extent of the performance. Unless otherwise agreed, the fees must be determined at the time of departure and paid by the recipient.

2. Fragile goods
Goods travel at the recipient's risk and perch. The sending of the same by the writing company does not imply acceptance of responsibility in case of damage and/or breakage. It is recommended to check the integrity of the packaging before signing the delivery note to the Courier.

3. Stocks
For the goods that cannot be delivered to the recipient for any reason not attributable to the carrier or the sender, as well as for the goods awaiting instructions from the recipient, custody will be provided, against payment to be agreed in the tariff conditions (see General Conditions of Sale); any instructions for the release of the stock will be effective only if in writing. Any return of goods will be burdened with all related costs as equivalent to a new shipment.

4. Delayed delivery of the goods
No mandatory deadline for delivery is binding for the company, which is not liable in any case for damages resulting from delayed delivery of the goods. The affixing on transport documents of terms such as "urgent" or similar will not be binding on the company. In the event of exceptions agreed with the company in writing, the liability of the company can never exceed what is provided for by law. In particular, the company cannot be considered in default in the event of failure to comply with any terms agreed in writing, if deeds or events beyond the company's control occur, including incomplete or incorrect communication of delivery data; the unavailability of the recipient or the refusal of the recipient to receive the delivery; force majeure such as, by way of example but not limited to, acts of public authorities in the exercise of their mandate, riots, strikes or other union disputes, piracy, weather events, etc ...

Normal delivery times (estimated: 2 - 4 business days from the date of dispatch) on the continental territory (Italy - Europe (EU) - islands excluded)
Normal delivery times (estimated: 3 - 5 business days from the date of dispatch) on the extra-continental territory (USA - islands excluded)
Normal delivery times (estimated: 3 - 7 business days from the date of dispatch) on the extra-continental territory (area outside the EU islands excluded)
Constant tracking with complete information on the status of the shipment
Proof of delivery available online

Last modified: July 19, 2019