SATAjet 100 B F RP Professional Spray Gun
  • SATAjet 100 B F RP Professional Spray Gun
  • SATAjet 100 B F RP Professional Spray Gun
  • SATAjet 100 B F RP Professional Spray Gun
  • SATAjet 100 B F RP Professional Spray Gun
  • SATAjet 100 B F RP Professional Spray Gun
  • SATAjet 100 B F RP Professional Spray Gun
  • SATAjet 100 B F RP Professional Spray Gun
  • SATAjet 100 B F RP Professional Spray Gun
  • SATAjet 100 B F RP Professional Spray Gun

SATAjet 100 B F RP Professional Spray Gun

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SATAjet® 100 B F RP Professional Spray Gun: "ultra-fast" for filler application.
It minimizes sanding work during vehicle repairs.

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SATAjet® 100 B F RP Professional Spray Gun

Type of Application: Filler

The SATAjet 100 B F RP "Super Fast" spray gun (RP optimized pressure with high transfer) achieves a transfer percentage> 65%.
The spray gun is suitable for both water and solvent based primer application.
The very fine atomization and the wide range of the SATAjet 100 B F RP allow to obtain a homogeneous distribution of the product with few adjustments. Additional precious time can be saved thanks to the reduced sanding effort.
The SATAjet 100 B F RP is a very versatile gun, thanks to the extreme flexibility by adjusting the atomization pressure. From very small jobs up to large surfaces - the bottom gun can be adjusted so that any work area can be economically painted with little overspray, thanks to a calcium pressure starting from 0.5 bar.
The speed of processing is made possible thanks to the particularly wide spray jet and the high flow of material. The internal pressure of the nozzles is slightly higher than those of the HVLP gun models, and adds to this gun features that resemble a conventional high pressure gun. In this way it becomes very easy to switch to a VOC compliant gun. The high pressure is optimized and guarantees a fine atomization: the bottoms become particularly smooth, significantly reducing the time required for sanding.
High degree of cost-effectiveness: the SATA RP technology guarantees significantly higher percentages of transfer compared to the 65% required by the VOC legislation. This ultra-fast gun not only is not polluting, but also makes it possible to save a considerable amount of material.
Air consumption is reduced: for this reason it is also suitable for compressors with a lower efficiency of liters.
Ergonomically optimized gun body in a modern design with reduced dimensions and lightness for effortless work.
The nozzle sets have sizes from 1.4 to 2.0 to allow the application of both primers and 2K Polyester Sprayable Putty.
The 100% manually adjusted nozzle sets
ensure a constant height, in strict compliance with the highest SATA quality for complete guns and also for spare nozzle sets.
The air nozzles are robust
, made of brass (not aluminum), and guarantee a long life span.
Suitable for water-based paint: the needles and nozzles for the paint are made of alloy steel, and the gun body is carefully anodized.
The air and material seals have an automatic play recovery system, and their long life span significantly reduces maintenance costs.
The carefully anodized surface of the spray gun also reduces the time required for cleaning work.
This spray gun also obviously has a system for regulating the quantity of material, a system for regulating the diameter and extension of the jet, and a micrometer for air.
The screen of the graft lacquer reliably retains the impurities of the material.
The anti-drip in the cup lid reliably prevents the material from leaking from the vent and drips onto the painted surface.
The hinged joint prevents twisting of the hose, and lightens the wrist when painting.

SATAjet® 100 B F RP:

  • Gun body with optimized ergonomics
  • Sturdy hat thread
  • Self-adjusting gaskets
  • Air micrometer for adjusting the atomization air
  • Adjustment of the material with locknut
  • Oval / round adjustment
  • Fan control to work with one hand
  • CCS clips for customization
  • Reusable 0.6 l cup with bayonet connection - QCC system
  • Trigger with colored needle cover
  • RP high transfer spraying technique
  • Inlet pressure: 1.5 bar - 2.0 bar
  • Air consumption with 2.0 bar: 290 Nl / min (10.3 cfm)
  • Spraying distance: 17 cm - 21 cm
  • Recommended inlet pressure: 1.5 - 2.0 bar (22 - 29 psi)
  • Max. Working temperature: 50 ° C
  • Working overpressure max .: 10 bar (145 psi)
  • Weight of spray gun: 456 g
  • Air connection: G 1/4 external

1 + 2 = 3 Premium warranty: the SATA manufacturer issues, for the spray guns, a free extended warranty (1 year + 2 years = 3 years) when you send back the fully completed premium warranty form or by registering on the site internet within 30 days after the purchase date.

Sealed box content:

n. 1 piece SATAjet® 100 B F RP n. 1 piece 0.6 l reusable plastic gravity cup n. 1 piece maintenance kit n. 1 piece cleaning kit

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