PPS adapters for ANI

Find here a selection of the best PPS adapters for Ani spray guns and airbrushes.

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The PPS Adapter paves the way for the use of the Paint Preparation System (PPS) with any existing spray gun or airbrush, greatly simplifying the preparation of materials for painting. This single-use system handles measuring, mixing and filtering of materials efficiently. PPS, in fact, significantly reduces waste thanks to a lower consumption of paint and solvent (up to 70% less). Furthermore, it optimizes the efficiency of the preparation (mixing, dosing and filtering) and cleaning phases (reducing the time associated with cleaning the paint tank and spray gun or airbrush) by up to 50%. The stainless steel PPS adapters are designed to allow painters to adopt the PPS system with any model of spray gun or airbrush. Using the PPS adapter involves removing the hard cup that comes with your spray gun or airbrush and inserting the appropriate PPS adapter.

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